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AMIGO2 mRNA expression in hippocampal CA2 and CA3a.


AMIGO2, or amphoterin-induced gene and ORF (open reading frame) 2, belongs to the leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin superfamilies. The protein is a downstream target of calcium-dependent survival signals and, therefore, promotes neuronal survival. Here, we describe the mRNA distribution pattern of AMIGO2 throughout the mouse brain with special emphasis on the hippocampus. In the Ammon's horn, a detailed comparison between the subregional mRNA expression patterns of AMIGO2 and Pcp4 (Purkinje cell protein 4)--a known molecular marker of hippocampal CA2 (Cornu Ammonis 2)--revealed a prominent AMIGO2 mRNA expression level in both the CA2 and the CA3a (Cornu Ammonis 3a) subregion of the dorsal and ventral hippocampus. Since this CA2/CA3a region is particularly resistant to neuronal injury and neurotoxicity [Stanfield and Cowan (Brain Res 309(2):299–307 1984); Sloviter (J Comp Neurol 280(2):183–196 1989); Leranth and Ribak (Exp Brain Res 85(1):129–136 1991); Young and Dragunow (Exp Neurol 133(2):125–137 1995); Ochiishi et al. (Neurosci 93(3):955–967 1999)], we suggest that the expression pattern of AMIGO2 indeed fits with its involvement in neuroprotection.