Yetter--Drinfeld structures on Heisenberg doubles and chains

Research paper by A. M. Semikhatov

Indexed on: 15 Oct '09Published on: 15 Oct '09Published in: Mathematics - Quantum Algebra


For a Hopf algebra B with bijective antipode, we show that the Heisenberg double H(B^*) is a braided commutative Yetter--Drinfeld module algebra over the Drinfeld double D(B). The braiding structure allows generalizing H(B^*) = B^{*cop}\braid B to "Heisenberg n-tuples" and "chains" ...\braid B^{*cop}\braid B \braid B^{*cop}\braid B\braid..., all of which are Yetter--Drinfeld D(B)-module algebras. For B a particular Taft Hopf algebra at a 2p-th root of unity, the construction is adapted to yield Yetter--Drinfeld module algebras over the 2p^3-dimensional quantum group U_qsl(2).