Yb-doped all fiber picosecond laser based on grade-index multimode fiber with microcavity

Research paper by Zhipeng Dong, Shujie Li, Rishan Chen, Hongxun Li, Chun Gu, Peijun Yao, Lixin Xu

Indexed on: 13 Sep '18Published on: 13 Sep '18Published in: arXiv - Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors


We demonstrate an all-fiber mode-locked laser at all-normal dispersion with a saturable absorber, which is based on a section of grade-index multimode fiber with inner microcavity embedded in the splice points. The absorption modulation depth of this nonlinear saturable absorber is 2.2% in the suitable bent state. The fiber laser operates at central wavelength of 1035nm with average power of ~1.26mW, pulse-duration of 17.05 ps, repetition rate of 37.098MHz. This kind of saturable absorber has superiorities of low cost, high stability and high damage threshold, which may facilitate applications in optical sensing, material processing and light detection.