Yang Baxter and Anisotropic Sigma and Lambda Models, Cyclic RG and Exact S-Matrices

Research paper by Calan Appadu, Timothy J. Hollowood, Dafydd Price, Daniel C. Thompson

Indexed on: 16 Jun '17Published on: 16 Jun '17Published in: arXiv - High Energy Physics - Theory


Integrable deformation of SU(2) sigma and lambda models are considered at the classical and quantum levels. These are the Yang-Baxter and XXZ-type anisotropic deformations. The XXZ type deformations are UV safe in one regime, while in another regime, like the Yang-Baxter deformations, they exhibit cyclic RG behaviour. The associated affine quantum group symmetry, realized classically at the Poisson bracket level, has q a complex phase in the UV safe regime and q real in the cyclic RG regime, where q is an RG invariant. Based on the symmetries and RG flow we propose exact factorizable S-matrices to describe the scattering of states in the lambda models, from which the sigma models follow by taking a limit and non-abelian T-duality. In the cyclic RG regimes, the S-matrices are periodic functions of rapidity, at large rapidity, and in the Yang-Baxter case violate parity.