X-ray microanalysis in cell biology and cell pathology.

Research paper by G M GM Roomans, A A Von Euler

Indexed on: 01 Feb '96Published on: 01 Feb '96Published in: Cell Biology International


Electron probe X-ray microanalysis has been used for the last 25 years by biologists to obtain information about the distribution of elements at the cell and tissue level. During this period, progress has mainly been made through the development of more adequate techniques for specimen preparation (mainly low temperature techniques) and quantitative analysis, so that accurate analysis of the physiologically important cellular ions can be carried out. Use of in vitro systems and cell cultures may further increase the number of problems to which X-ray microanalysis can be applied. Among the numerous applications of X-ray microanalysis in cell biology and cell pathology, applications in the areas of epithelial ion transport, the role of calcium in secretory and contractile cells, and the role of ions in cell proliferation and cancer are discussed in more detail.