Whole-body Control of a Mobile Manipulator Using Feedback Linearization and Dual Quaternion Algebra

Research paper by Frederico Fernandes Afonso Silva, Bruno Vilhena Adorno

Indexed on: 04 Aug '18Published on: 01 Aug '18Published in: Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems


This paper presents the whole-body control of a nonholonomic mobile manipulator using feedback linearization and dual quaternion algebra. The controller, whose reference is a unit dual quaternion representing the desired end-effector pose, acts as a dynamic trajectory generator for the end-effector, and input signals for both nonholonomic mobile base and manipulator arm are generated by using the pseudoinverse of the whole-body Jacobian matrix. In order to deal with the nonholonomic constraints, the input signal to the mobile base generated by the whole-body motion control is properly remapped to ensure feasibility. The Lyapunov stability for the proposed controller is presented and experimental results on a real platform are performed in order to compare the proposed scheme to a traditional classic whole-body linear kinematic controller. The results show that, for similar convergence rate, the nonlinear controller is capable of generating smoother movements while having lower control effort than the linear controller.