When nonlocal coupling between oscillators becomes stronger: patched synchrony or multichimera states.

Research paper by Iryna I Omelchenko, Oleh E OE Omel'chenko, Philipp P Hövel, Eckehard E Schöll

Indexed on: 19 Jun '13Published on: 19 Jun '13Published in: Physical review letters


Systems of nonlocally coupled oscillators can exhibit complex spatiotemporal patterns, called chimera states, which consist of coexisting domains of spatially coherent (synchronized) and incoherent dynamics. We report on a novel form of these states, found in a widely used model of a limit-cycle oscillator if one goes beyond the limit of weak coupling typical for phase oscillators. Then patches of synchronized dynamics appear within the incoherent domain giving rise to a multi-chimera state. We find that, depending on the coupling strength and range, different multichimera states arise in a transition from classical chimera states. The additional spatial modulation is due to strong coupling interaction and thus cannot be observed in simple phase-oscillator models.