Wear resistance of a plasma-electrospark zirconium diboride-based coating on aluminum alloy D16T

Research paper by I. A. Podchernyaeva, A. D. Panasyuk, O. N. Grigor’ev, D. V. Yurechko, V. V. Varyukhno, A. M. Bloshchanevich

Indexed on: 01 May '07Published on: 01 May '07Published in: Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics


The paper examines the structure, phase composition, and mechanical properties of ZrB2-based plasma coatings formed on D16T aluminum alloy under different conditions. It is established that coatings with an electrospark sublayer are characterized by stronger adhesion with the substrate as compared with that deposited on the base after conventional sandblasting. The wear resistance of this coating in dry friction is comparable with the monolithic VK15 hard alloy. Laser treatment of the coating in open air decreases the wear by 25% at low sliding rates and simultaneously decreases the hardness by 50%.