Vitamin C Promotes Astrocyte Differentiation Through DNA Hydroxymethylation.

Research paper by Jong-Hwan JH Kim, Mirang M Kim, Xi-Biao XB He, Noviana N Wulansari, Byoung-Ha BH Yoon, Dong-Hyuck DH Bae, Nanhyung N Huh, Yong Sung YS Kim, Sang-Hun SH Lee, Seon-Young SY Kim

Indexed on: 14 Jul '18Published on: 14 Jul '18Published in: STEM CELLS


Previous studies have reported that vitamin C (VC) promotes neural stem/precursor cell (NSC) differentiation toward dopamine (DA) neurons via DNA hydroxymethylation-induced transcriptional activation of DA neuron-specific genes. To further understand the VC effects on NSC differentiation, we profiled the transcriptome and DNA methylome/hydroxymethylome using high-throughput sequencing. Interestingly, RNA-sequencing analyses have shown that, in addition to DA neuronal genes, astrocytic genes Gfap, Slc1a3, and S100a16 were also up-regulated in NSC cultures differentiated with VC treatment. Consistently, enhanced GFAP+ astrocytic yields were manifested in the differentiated cultures with VC treatment, collectively indicating that VC promotes astrocytic differentiation. In genome-wide hydroxymethylome analyses, VC treatment induces enrichment of DNA hydroxymethylation (5-hydroxymethyl cytosine; 5hmC) near the consensus binding motifs of nuclear factor I (NFI). We further showed that VC significantly enhanced recruitment of NFI and STAT3, key transcription factors for astrogenesis, in the 5hmC-enriched regions of the astrocyte-specific genes. These findings suggest that VC plays important roles in astrocytogenesis during brain development. © AlphaMed Press 2018. © AlphaMed Press 2018.