Visual Constancies Amidst Changes in Handled Objects for 5- to 24-Month-Old Infants.

Research paper by Joseph M JM Burling, Hanako H Yoshida

Indexed on: 20 Dec '18Published on: 20 Dec '18Published in: Child Development


Manual skills slowly develop throughout infancy and have been shown to create clear views of objects that provide better support for visually sustained attention, recognition, memory, and learning. These clear views may coincide with the development of manual skills, or that social scaffolding supports clear viewing experiences like those generated by toddlers during active object exploration. This study used a head-mounted eye tracker to record 5- to 24-month-olds' object views during repeated mother-infant play sessions (Ns = 18). Results show an early beginning of scaffolding in which parents generate views similar to those of older infants and toddlers, resulting in increased fixations to objects. The finding implicates parents as early scaffolders of object attention and learning. © 2018 Society for Research in Child Development.