Virtual Machine Migration Enabled Cloud Resource Management: A Challenging Task

Research paper by Misbah Liaqat, Shalini Ninoriya, Junaid Shuja, Raja Wasim Ahmad, Abdullah Gani

Indexed on: 15 Jan '16Published on: 15 Jan '16Published in: Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing


Virtualization technology reduces cloud operational cost by increasing cloud resource utilization level. The incorporation of virtualization within cloud data centers can severely degrade cloud performance if not properly managed. Virtual machine (VM) migration is a method that assists cloud service providers to efficiently manage cloud resources while eliminating the need of human supervision. VM migration methodology migrates current-hosted workload from one server to another by either employing live or non-live migration pattern. In comparison to non-live migration, live migration does not suspend application services prior to VM migration process. VM migration enables cloud operators to achieve various resource management goals, such as, green computing, load balancing, fault management, and real time server maintenance. In this paper, we have thoroughly surveyed VM migration methods and applications. We have briefly discussed VM migration applications. Some open research issues have been highlighted to represent future challenges in this domain. A queue based migration model has been proposed and discussed to efficiently migrate VM memory pages.