Vibroacoustics of orthotropic plates ribbed in both directions: Application to stiffened rectangular wood panels.

Research paper by Benjamin B Trévisan, Kerem K Ege, Bernard B Laulagnet

Indexed on: 02 Feb '16Published on: 02 Feb '16Published in: The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


This paper is focused on the vibroacoustic behavior of a rectangular ribbed wood panel. This is done by developing an analytical model based on a variational approach, taking into account the kinetic and strain energies of a special orthotropic plate, 11 ribs oriented in a first direction and 1 other strong stiffener oriented in the perpendicular direction, which are considered as beams tied to the plate. A modal decomposition is adopted on the basis of the simply supported orthotropic plate. This allows calculating the modes of the wood panel (ribbed modes) in the frequency range 0-5000 Hz. The acoustical radiation of the baffled panel is also calculated. The radiation coefficients of the ribbed modes are presented and compared, when possible, to similar unribbed plate modes. Finally, the vibroacoustic analysis of the structure shows that an excitation placed on the hard point makes the panel particularly radiative and decreases the apparent critical frequency.