Vibrational dynamics and surface structure of Bi(111) from helium atom scattering measurements.

Research paper by M M Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber, A A Tamtögl, P P Kraus, K H KH Rieder, W E WE Ernst

Indexed on: 23 Feb '12Published on: 23 Feb '12Published in: Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal


The Bi(111) surface was studied by elastic scattering of helium atoms at temperatures between 118 and 423 K. The observed diffraction patterns with clear peaks up to third order were used to model the surface corrugation using the eikonal approximation as well as the GR method. Best fit results were obtained with a rather large corrugation height compared to other surfaces with metallic character. The corrugation shows a slight enhancement of the surface electron density in between the positions of the surface atoms. The vibrational dynamics of Bi(111) were investigated by measurements of the Debye-Waller attenuation of the elastic diffraction peaks and a surface Debye temperature of (84 ± 8) K was determined. A decrease of the surface Debye temperature at higher temperatures that was recently observed on Bi nanofilms could not be confirmed in the case of our single-crystal measurements.