Vibration characteristics of golf club heads in their handheld grinding process and potential approaches for reducing the vibration exposure

Imported: 11 Oct '16 | Published: 23 Sep '16

Qingsong Chen, Hansheng Lin, Bin Xiao, Daniel E. Welcome, Jacob Lee, Guiping Chen, Shichuan Tang, Danying Zhang, Guoyong Xu, Maosheng Yan, Hua Yan, Xueyan Xu, Hongying Qu, Ren G. Dong

International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics

Abstract: To control vibration-induced white finger among workers performing the fine grinding of golf club heads, the aims of this study are to clarify the major vibration sources in the grinding process, to identify and understand the basic characteristics of the club head vibration, and to propose potential approaches for reducing the vibration exposure. The vibrations on two typical club heads and two belt grinding machines were measured at a workplace. A simulated test station was also constructed and used to help examine some influencing factors of the club head vibration. This study found that the club head vibration was the combination of the vibration transmitted from the grinding machines and that generated in the grinding... Read More

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