Vertical transmission of Neospora caninum in BALB/c mice in both acute and chronic infection.

Research paper by Y Y Omata, M M Nidaira, R R Kano, Y Y Kobayashi, T T Koyama, H H Furuoka, R R Maeda, T T Matsui, A A Saito

Indexed on: 12 May '04Published on: 12 May '04Published in: Veterinary Parasitology


To examine the frequency of congenital infection by Neospora caninum, BALB/c mice were inoculated intraperitoneally with tachyzoites of N. caninum either during pregnancy (Group 1) or 4 weeks or more before pregnancy (Group 2). Further, the mice inoculated during pregnancy were bred at 4 weeks or more after delivery to form Group 3. Congenital transmission was observed in 76% of the neonates of the mice in Group 1 and in 50% of the neonates of the mice in Group 2. Interestingly, congenital transmission was observed in 86% of the neonates from Group 3. These results suggest that chronically-infected BALB/c mice efficiently transmit N. caninum infection to their offspring.