UWB SAR RFI suppression based on region of support in 2-D wavenumber domain

Research paper by Tian Jin, Zhimin Zhou, Qian Song, Wenge Chang

Indexed on: 01 Jul '07Published on: 01 Jul '07Published in: Journal of Electronics (China)


Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) degrades the quality of focused Ultra-WideBand Synthetic Aperture Radar (UWB SAR) images. From both the theoretical analysis and real data validation, it is concluded that target echo and RFI have different Region Of Support (ROS) in 2-D fast-time wavenumber and aperture wavenumber domain. Consequently, a novel adaptive filter is proposed according to the Wiener optimum criterion on the distinct ROS characteristics of target echo and RFI. Compared with the notch filter and the Least Mean Square (LMS) adaptive filter in previous literatures, the proposed method is more computationally efficient with satisfactory suppression results. In terms of Signal-to-Interference Ratio Improvement (SIRI) and processing time, the performance of the proposed adaptive filter is verified with the field data collected with a UWB SAR system.