Utilizing the anti-ferromagnetic functionality of a multiferroic shell to study exchange bias in hybrid core-shell nanostructures.

Research paper by S S SS Ali, W J WJ Li, K K Javed, D W DW Shi, S S Riaz, Y Y Liu, Y G YG Zhao, G J GJ Zhai, X F XF Han

Indexed on: 25 Jul '15Published on: 25 Jul '15Published in: Nanoscale


A three-step method has been employed to synthesize 1D core-shell nanostructures consisting of a ferromagnetic Co90Pt10 (CoPt) core and a La doped multiferroic Bi0.87La0.13FeO3 (BLFO) shell. La doping efficiently removes the secondary impurity phases in the multiferroic shell and exchange interaction gives a significant exchange bias effect demonstrating the anti-ferromagnetic functionality of Bi0.87La0.13FeO3.