Using a dyadic logistic multilevel model to analyze couple data.

Research paper by Mariana A MA Preciado, Jennifer L JL Krull, Andrew A Hicks, Jessica D JD Gipson

Indexed on: 13 Sep '15Published on: 13 Sep '15Published in: Contraception


There is growing recognition within the sexual and reproductive health field of the importance of incorporating both partners' perspectives when examining sexual and reproductive health behaviors. Yet, the analytical approaches to address couple data have not been readily integrated and utilized within the demographic and public health literature. This paper seeks to provide readers unfamiliar with analytical approaches to couple data an applied example of the use of dyadic logistic multilevel modeling, a useful approach to analyzing couple data to assess the individual, partner and couple characteristics that are related to individuals' reproductively relevant beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. The use of multilevel models in reproductive health research can help researchers develop a more comprehensive picture of the way in which individuals' reproductive health outcomes are situated in a larger relationship and cultural context.