Use of unfired magnesia roof refractories

Research paper by A. S. Frenkel', Sh. M. Berman, G. I. Antonov, B. D. Minkovich, V. S. Shapovalov

Indexed on: 01 May '67Published on: 01 May '67Published in: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics


We developed a technology and produced at the Panteleiminov Refractories Factory an experimental-industrial batch of unfired magnesite-chromite refractories in cladding with internal baffles (grids). These refractories can be used in the roofs of open-hearth furnaces with charges of up to 100 tons. The roof life is no shorter than with the use of ordinary fired magnesite-chromite bricks. The structure of the roofs can be built with the ordinary thrust-suspension system, but using asbestos inserts or board inserts for thermal-expansion compensation in the joints between the bricks in the rings.In heavy working conditions the wear intensity of unfired refractories in the open-hearth furnace roofs sharply increases.Unfired reinforced magnesite-chromite refractories can be successfully used in building the walls of the heads and vertical channels.It is necessary to test unfired reinforced magnesite-chromite refractories in the roofs of the lower structure of open-hearth furnaces.To increase the economic advantages of using unfired reinforced chromite refractories it will be necessary to reduce the costs of making the cladding.