Use of the profunda femoris to facilitate closure of an antegrade puncture with the StarClose device after proximal SFA angioplasty.

Research paper by Susan S Yeung-Ngok-Kao, Robert Kendall RK Fisher, Robin Edward Thomas RE Williams, Ralph R Jackson, John J Rose, Sumaira S Macdonald

Indexed on: 25 Aug '06Published on: 25 Aug '06Published in: Journal of endovascular therapy : an official journal of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists


To report a novel technique for safely closing antegrade common femoral artery (CFA) punctures using the StarClose device after proximal superficial femoral artery (SFA) angioplasty.The vessel locator of the StarClose device should not be deployed within a recently dilated vessel, so after proximal SFA angioplasty, the sheath is withdrawn into the CFA. A second guidewire is inserted into the profunda femoris artery followed by insertion of the StarClose sheath. The vessel locator is deployed in the profunda main stem and withdrawn into the CFA until resistance is felt, indicating apposition to the luminal aspect of the vessel wall. The device is subsequently deployed according to the manufacturer's instructions.Use of profunda femoris artery allows safe closure of the CFA using the StarClose device following antegrade puncture for proximal SFA angioplasty.

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