Use of the electrical conductivity method to investigate the acid properties of heteropoly acids in nonaqueous solutions

Research paper by I. V. Kozhevnikov, S. M. Kulikov, K. I. Matveev

Indexed on: 01 Oct '80Published on: 01 Oct '80Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


The authors measure the electrical conductivities of heteropoly acids (HPA) of the compositions H3PMo12O40, H4PMo11VIMoVO40, H4PMo11VO40, H4SiMo12O40 and H4SiW12O40 in ethanol and acetone at 25°C. In the concentration range 10−5−10−3 mole/liter, all the HPA are partly dissociated 2−1 electrolytes; dissociation to the third and fourth degree is not manifested.Using the Fuoss-Edelson method, they calculate the thermodynamic dissociation constants K2 and the limiting mobilities of the HPA.