Use of confocal linescan to document ciliary beat frequency.

Research paper by R T RT Doyle, T T Moninger, N N Debavalya, W H WH Hsu

Indexed on: 17 Aug '06Published on: 17 Aug '06Published in: Journal of Microscopy


We present a method to document ciliary beat frequency with the linescan function of a scanning confocal microscope, using ciliated tracheal cells and free-swimming rotifers as examples. Depending on the clarity of the original data, the ciliary beat frequency can be determined from the confocal linescan directly or from an intensity linescan analysis of the original data. Fast Fourier transform treatment of the data can be used to verify the derived ciliary beat frequency. The linescan approach allows analysis of simple ciliary movements displayed by the ciliated tracheal cells, as well as complex movements performed by free-swimming rotifers while feeding.