Use of a hemostasis introducer sheath to guide clip delivery during stereotactic directional vacuum-assisted breast biopsy when the biopsy system malfunctions.

Research paper by Jane J Wang, Chun-Ju CJ Chang

Indexed on: 04 Sep '10Published on: 04 Sep '10Published in: Clinical Imaging


Stereotactic directional vacuum-assisted breast biopsy (ST DVAB) is an accurate biopsy method. Marking the biopsy site with a clip is mandatory after ST DVAB, in case excision is required. With the ST DVAB system we use, clip was delivered through the biopsy probe. We report a case with malfunctioning of the ST DVAB system during the procedure, and thus the clip could not be placed through the biopsy probe. To salvage the procedure, we placed the clip to the biopsy site via a hemostasis introducer sheath.