Uranium sorption on reduced porous iron oxides

Research paper by E. K. Papynov, A. S. Portnyagin, A. I. Cherednichenko, I. A. Tkachenko, E. B. Modin, V. Yu. Maiorov, A. N. Dran’kov, T. A. Sokol’nitskaya, K. A. Kydralieva, Sh. Zh. Zhorobekova, V. A. Avramenko

Indexed on: 14 Jun '16Published on: 14 Jun '16Published in: Doklady Physical Chemistry


The sorption properties of materials based on iron oxides and their reduced forms with respect to uranium were studied. A description was made of a method for consolidation of porous iron oxides and its effect on such characteristics as porosity, magnetism, morphology, phase composition, and sorption properties. The mechanism of uranium sorption on the obtained materials was determined. The interaction of the studied sorbents with uranium was shown to change, depending on the phase composition and the structure of the solid matrix.