Unique representation domains, II

Research paper by Said El Baghdadi, Stefania Gabelli, Muhammad Zafrullah

Indexed on: 21 Jul '08Published on: 21 Jul '08Published in: Mathematics - Commutative Algebra


Given a star operation * of finite type, we call a domain R a *-unique representation domain (*-URD) if each *-invertible *-ideal of R can be uniquely expressed as a *-product of pairwise *-comaximal ideals with prime radical. When * is the t-operation we call the *-URD simply a URD. Any unique factorization domain is a URD. Generalizing and unifying results due to Zafrullah and Brewer-Heinzer, we give conditions for a *-ideal to be a unique *-product of pairwise *-comaximal ideals with prime radical and characterize *-URDs. We show that the class of URDs includes rings of Krull type, the generalized Krull domains introduced by El Baghdadi and weakly Matlis domains whose t-spectrum is treed. We also study when the property of being a URD extends to some classes of overrings, such as polynomial extensions, rings of fractions and rings obtained by the D+XD_S[X] construction.