Uniform growth of III‐nitrides on 200 mm silicon substrates using a single wafer rotating disk MOCVD reactor

Research paper by Jie Su, Eric Armour, Soo Min Lee, Ronald Arif, George D. Papasouliotis

Indexed on: 14 Mar '16Published on: 22 Feb '16Published in: physica status solidi (a)


We are reporting on the uniform growth of III‐nitrides (AlN, GaN, and AlGaN layers) on 200 mm silicon substrates using Veeco's Propel rotating disk, single wafer vertical MOCVD reactor. The reactor is designed for homogeneous alkyl/hydride flow distribution, and uniform temperature profile, resulting in excellent uniformity in epilayer thickness, alloy composition, and doping profiles. Thickness uniformity for single layers of AlN and GaN are 0.71 and 0.67% 1σ, respectively, without edge exclusion. A 21 nm Al0.23Ga0.77N layer has 0.29%, 1σ uniformity for Al composition, and a range of 1.2 nm (max–min) for thickness. Uniformity of magnesium and carbon doping profiles is presented across the 200 mm substrate.