Unfired brick from magnesite-chromite concrete for open-hearth furnace building

Research paper by A. A. Pirogov, E. N. Leve, Ya. R. Krass, G. I. Popov, E. I. Koval'chuk

Indexed on: 01 Jan '64Published on: 01 Jan '64Published in: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics


Unfired brick made of magnesite-chromite concrete with periclase cement, tested in several parts of open-hearth furnaces, showed the same resistance as fired magnesite or chrome-magnesite refractories.Unfired magnesite-chromite brick made of concrete can be used for building structures with air-setting, water-containing cement instead of iron plates.It is necessary to organize the industrial production of unfired goods made of magnesite-chromite concrete using the method developed by UNIIO for extensive testing and subsequent use in open-hearth furnaces.