Understanding Dilepton Production in Heavy Ion Collisions by Vector Mesons of Different Varieties

Research paper by Gerald E. Brown, Jeremy W. Holt, Mannque Rho

Indexed on: 17 Aug '08Published on: 17 Aug '08Published in: Nuclear Theory


A simple schematic model anchored on the notion of hadronic freedom inferred from hidden local symmetry in the vector manifestation, the infinite tower of vector mesons in holographic QCD and "stickiness" of $\pi\pi$ interactions inferred from dispersion relations is used to describe the dileptons produced in relativistic heavy ion collisions at PHENIX/RHIC. It is shown that due to the near "blindness" of dileptons to Brown-Rho scaling, those dileptons with invariant mass less than $m_\rho=770$ MeV come mostly from pion-composites that we interpret as "transient $\rho$'s."