Understanding biomineralization in the fossil record

Research paper by Alberto Pérez-Huerta, Ismael Coronado; Thomas A. Hegna

Indexed on: 28 Feb '18Published on: 26 Feb '18Published in: Revista de la Sociedad Española del Dolor


Publication date: April 2018 Source:Earth-Science Reviews, Volume 179 Author(s): Alberto Pérez-Huerta, Ismael Coronado, Thomas A. Hegna Biomineralization – the formation of minerals by organisms – is a key aspect in the understanding of the fossil record. Knowing how biominerals form and their properties is important in the correct use of fossils in geochemistry, the understanding of evolution, and in the interpretation of how geological events have influenced the fossil record throughout the Phanerozoic. The focus of this contribution, rather than a conventional review on the status of this research field, is on the importance of highlighting the traditional link between paleontology and biomineralization.