Uncertainty in radiation dosimetry: basic concepts and methods.

Research paper by B R L BR Siebert

Indexed on: 27 Jul '06Published on: 27 Jul '06Published in: Radiation protection dosimetry


Principally, uncertainty is associated with measured and computed values. The basic concepts of uncertainty are outlined, an overview on methods for its determination is given and the application of uncertainties in quality assurance is discussed. Based on the Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement and a forthcoming supplement to it, the paper identifies modelling of measurement or computation and the use of a probability distribution functions (PDFs) for expressing the degree of belief in possible values as basic concepts. All presently used proper methods for determining uncertainty can be derived from the Markov formula. Optimisation of measurements and computations as well as the acceptance of results by others are identified as the two major tasks of quality assurance based on analysing and stating uncertainty.