Ultrastructural localization of anionic and cationic ferritin in the rat glomerular basement membrane in protein-overload proteinuria.

Research paper by D J DJ Bliss, D B DB Brewer

Indexed on: 01 May '84Published on: 01 May '84Published in: The Journal of Pathology


The penetration into the glomerular basement membrane of anionic and cationic ferritin has been studied in rats made proteinuric by intraperitoneal administration of bovine serum albumin. In comparison with control animals anionic ferritin penetrated the glomerular basement membrane to a much greater extent in proteinuric rats. Some ferritin particles were observed in small invaginations of the epithelial cell membrane adjacent to the glomerular basement membrane and incorporated in pinocytotic vesicles within the epithelial cell cytoplasm. This was not seen in control animals. Cationic ferritin distribution in the glomerular basement membrane was similar in control and proteinuric rats suggesting that the increased anionic ferritin penetration observed occurs without any reduction in fixed anionic charge.