Ultrasound sensitive eLiposomes containing doxorubicin for drug targeting therapy.

Research paper by Chung-Yin CY Lin, Marjan M Javadi, David M DM Belnap, Jeffery R JR Barrow, William G WG Pitt

Indexed on: 13 Jul '13Published on: 13 Jul '13Published in: Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine


This study describes a novel nanocarrier of emulsion liposomes (eLiposomes) composed of a perfluoropentane nanodroplet within the aqueous interior of a DPPC liposome, along with the anticancer drug doxorubicin (Dox). The eLiposome containing Dox (eLipoDox) displayed good release of Dox upon insonation with low intensity ultrasound at 20-kHz, 1.0-MHz and 3.0-MHz. More release occurs in vitro at 20-kHz than at the higher frequencies. Controlled delivery was demonstrated by applying ultrasound (US) to HeLa tumor cells in vitro. The confocal images of Dox release to cells indicate that eLipoDox is an effective carrier of chemotherapeutic agent, and releases Dox to the cell cytosol upon insonation. This novel drug delivery system promises to provide more effective US therapy and tumor treatment and has the potential to reduce the side effects of cardiotoxicity caused by Dox.In this paper, an ultrasound-sensitive doxorubicine-carrying nanoliposome delivery system is reported. Doxorubicin release as a result of ultrasound exposure is clearly demonstrated, paving the way to potential clinical applications with the aim of reducing the systemic toxicity and enhanced local delivery of this compound.