Ultrafine Entanglement Witnessing.

Research paper by Farid F Shahandeh, Martin M Ringbauer, Juan C JC Loredo, Timothy C TC Ralph

Indexed on: 04 Apr '17Published on: 04 Apr '17Published in: Physical review letters


Entanglement witnesses are invaluable for efficient quantum entanglement certification without the need for expensive quantum state tomography. Yet, standard entanglement witnessing requires multiple measurements and its bounds can be elusive as a result of experimental imperfections. Here, we introduce and demonstrate a novel procedure for entanglement detection which simply and seamlessly improves any standard witnessing procedure by using additional available information to tighten the witnessing bounds. Moreover, by relaxing the requirements on the witness operators, our method removes the general need for the difficult task of witness decomposition into local observables. We experimentally demonstrate entanglement detection with our approach using a separable test operator and a simple fixed measurement device for each agent. Finally, we show that the method can be generalized to higher-dimensional and multipartite cases with a complexity that scales linearly with the number of parties.