Über die Peroxydase-Wirkung der Milz normaler und tumortragender Ratten

Research paper by Hans von Euler, Beth von Euler, Hans Hasselquist

Indexed on: 01 Nov '57Published on: 01 Nov '57Published in: Zeitschrift fur Krebsforschung


The authors determined the peroxydase activity of the spleen of the Wistar rat strain BD III, using the oxydation of pyrogallol into purpurogalline according to Willstätter's and Stoll's method. This activity, calculated per g of fresh spleen tissue, is in the spleen of Yoshida tumor rats only little lower than in the spleen of normal rats.When theese tumor rats are injected intraperitonealy with 10–20 mgs of spleen homogenate the peroxydase activity of the spleen reaches in very variable rates the normal value.Only in 1 of the 27 Yoshida tumor rats, injected with spleen homogenate total regression of the ascites was observed.