Über die Kristallstruktur des Zeolithes Chabasit

Research paper by W. Nowacki, H. Koyama, M. H. Mladeck

Indexed on: 01 Nov '58Published on: 01 Nov '58Published in: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences


The crystal structure of chabazite was investigated by means of X-rays. A new (Si, Al)-lattice was found [different from that ofWyart (1933)] in the space group\(D_{3d}^5 - R\overline 3 m:\): (Si, Al)=(12i)=x y z withx=0,104,y=0,333,z=−0,128. The lattice forms two kinds of cages: hexagonal prisms and big holes, which explain the sorptive properties of this zeolite.