Type Ia Supernovae: Influence of the Progenitor on the Explosion

Research paper by Inma Dom{\'ı}nguez, Peter Höflich, Oscar Straniero Craig Wheeler, Friedrich-Karl Thielemann

Indexed on: 23 Sep '98Published on: 23 Sep '98Published in: Astrophysics


The influence of the initial composition and structure of the exploding white dwarf on the nucleosynthesis and structure of Type Ia Supernovae has been studied. The progenitor structures are based on detailed stellar evolutionary tracks for stars in the mass range between 1 to 9 $M_\odot$ using the state of the art code FRANEC. The calculations of the thermonuclear explosions are based on a set of delayed detonation models which give a good account of the optical and infrared light curves and of the spectral evolution. Our code solves the hydrodynamical equations explicitly by the piecewise parabolic method. Nuclear burning is taken into account using an extended network of 218 nuclei. In principle, our calculations allow the observed spectra and light curve to be linked to the progenitor. Moreover, our study is relevant to estimate potential evolution in the progenitor population at cosmological time scales.