Two-step optimal energy management strategy for single-shaft series-parallel powertrain

Research paper by Liang Li, Bingjie Yan, Jian Song, Yuanbo Zhang, Guirong Jiang, Lei Li

Indexed on: 14 Apr '16Published on: 13 Apr '16Published in: Mechatronics


The series-parallel architecture of the plug-in hybrid electric powertrain has attracted wide attentions in recent years for its flexible and highly efficient operating modes. However, despite the improvement of the vehicle fuel economy, it has been gradually facing more challenges on the design of the optimal controller due to the complex structure and the fast depletion of the battery. In this paper, a two-step optimal energy management strategy is proposed for a novel single-shaft series-parallel powertrain. In the first step, an equivalent method is adopted, in which two motors are equivalently regarded as one. After detailed analysis of the operating modes, various objective functions are established to pre-optimize the power split between engine and motor or two motors. In the second step, a stochastic dynamic programming (SDP) is adopted to optimize the power split between the engine and the equivalent motor, and the optimal combination of the operating modes. Then coupled with the pre-optimized results of the first step, the optimal power split among the engine and two motors could be obtained and then constructed as simple lookup-tables, which have great potential for practical applications. Finally, the preliminary test about the real-time performance of the optimal results is developed on the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system.

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