Two Qubit Entanglement in $XYZ$ Magnetic Chain with DM Antisymmetric Anisotropic Exchange Interaction

Research paper by Zeynep Nilhan Gurkan, Oktay K. Pashaev

Indexed on: 04 May '07Published on: 04 May '07Published in: Quantum Physics


In the present paper we study two qubit entanglement in the most general $XYZ$ Heisenberg magnetic chain with (non)homogeneous magnetic fields and the DM anisotropic antisymmetric exchange interaction, arising from the spin-orbit coupling . The model includes all known results as particular cases, for both antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic $XX, XY, XXX, XXZ, XYZ$ chains. The concurrence of two qubit thermal entanglement and its dependence on anisotropic parameters, external magnetic field and temperature are studied in details. We found that in all cases, inclusion of the DM interaction, which is responsible for weak ferromagnetism in mainly antiferromagnetic crystals and spin arrangement in low symmetry magnets, creates (when it does not exist) or strengthens (when it exists) entanglement in $XYZ$ spin chain. This implies existence of a relation between arrangement of spins and entanglement, in which the DM coupling plays an essential role. It suggests also that anisotropic antisymmetric exchange interaction could be an efficient control parameter of entanglement in the general $XYZ$ case.