Two opinions dynamics generated by inflexibles and non-contrarian and contrarian floaters

Research paper by Frans Jacobs, Serge Galam

Indexed on: 21 Mar '08Published on: 21 Mar '08Published in: Physics - Physics and Society


We assume a community whose members adopt one of two opinions. Each member appears as an inflexible, or as a non-contrarian or contrarian floater. An inflexible adheres to its opinion, whereas a floater may change into a floater of the alternative opinion. The occurrence of this change is governed by the local majority rule: members meet in groups of a fixed size, and a floater changes provided its opinion has the minority in its group. A non-contrarian floater keeps the opinion it adopts under the local majority rule, whereas a contrarian floater adopts the alternative opinion. We determine the dynamics generated by repeated opinion changes, and study its dependence on the densities of inflexibles and the frequencies of contrarians among the floaters. We restrict ourselves to groups of size at most 3.