Two new species of Exobasidium causing Exobasidium diseases on Vaccinium spp. in Japan

Research paper by Hideyuki Nagao, Akinori Ezuka, Yukio Harada, Toyozo Sato, Makoto Kakishima

Indexed on: 01 Oct '06Published on: 01 Oct '06Published in: Mycoscience


Two new Exobasidium species on Vaccinium spp. in Japan are described and discussed. Exobasidium kishianum, which causes Exobasidium leaf blight on V. hirtum var. pubescens and V. smallii, is characterized by its ellipsoid to ovoid basidiospores with (0–)1–3 septa. Its systemic infection is also observed. Exobasidium inconspicuum, causing Exobasidium leaf blister on V. hirtum var. pubescens, is characterized by its obovoid or ellipsoid to oval basidiospores with 0–4 septa. Mode of germination of the basidiospores is by germ tube in both species.