Two new species of Caryospora (Apicomplexa) from snakes in Cameroon, with redescriptions of two coccidians from Hemidactylus mabouia (Gekkonidae)

Research paper by Steve J. Upton, Paul S. Freed, Deborah A. Freed

Indexed on: 01 Oct '92Published on: 01 Oct '92Published in: Systematic Parasitology


Two new Caryospora spp. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriorina) are described from the intestinal contents of snakes from Cameroon, west Africa. Oöcysts of C. heterodermus n. sp. were found in Philothamnus heterodermus (Colubridae) and were spheroid, 20.0 (15–22) μm, with a bi-layered wall. Micropyle absent; small oöcyst residuum and polar granule present. Sporocysts ovoid, 16.3 × 11.6 (12–18 × 10–13) μm, with large sporocyst residuum; shape-index (length/width) 1.40 (1.22–1.54). Oöcysts of C. maculatus n. sp. were found in Causus maculatus (Viperidae) and were spheroid, 12.1 (11–13) μm, with a bi-layered wall. Micropyle, oöcyst residuum and in most cases polar granule absent. Sporocyts ovoid, 10.1 × 7.9 (9.5–11 × 7.5–8.5) μm, with sporocyst residuum composed of few granules; shape-index 1.29 (1.20–1.41). In addition to the new species described herein, oöcysts of Eimeria boveroi, E. rochalimai and Isospora hemidactyli were found in Hemidactylus mabouia. The latter two species are redescribed because of previous inadequate descriptions.