Two New PRP Conjugate Gradient Algorithms for Minimization Optimization Models.

Research paper by Gonglin G Yuan, Xiabin X Duan, Wenjie W Liu, Xiaoliang X Wang, Zengru Z Cui, Zhou Z Sheng

Indexed on: 27 Oct '15Published on: 27 Oct '15Published in: PloS one


Two new PRP conjugate Algorithms are proposed in this paper based on two modified PRP conjugate gradient methods: the first algorithm is proposed for solving unconstrained optimization problems, and the second algorithm is proposed for solving nonlinear equations. The first method contains two aspects of information: function value and gradient value. The two methods both possess some good properties, as follows: 1) βk ≥ 0 2) the search direction has the trust region property without the use of any line search method 3) the search direction has sufficient descent property without the use of any line search method. Under some suitable conditions, we establish the global convergence of the two algorithms. We conduct numerical experiments to evaluate our algorithms. The numerical results indicate that the first algorithm is effective and competitive for solving unconstrained optimization problems and that the second algorithm is effective for solving large-scale nonlinear equations.