Two Classes of Frequency-Response Masking Linear-Phase FIR Filters for Interpolation and Decimation

Research paper by Hakan Johansson

Indexed on: 01 Apr '06Published on: 01 Apr '06Published in: Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing


This paper introduces two classes of frequency-response masking (FRM) linear-phase finite (length) impulse response (FIR) filters for interpolation and decimation by arbitrary integer factors M. As they are based on the FRM approach, the proposed filters are low-complexity (efficient) sharp-transition linear-phase FIR interpolation and decimation filters. Compared to previously existing FRM linear-phase FIR filter classes for interpolation and decimation, the new ones offer lower complexity and more freedom in selecting the locations of the passband and stopband edges. Furthermore, the proposed classes of FRM filters can, as special cases, realize efficient Mth-band FRM linear-phase FIR interpolation and decimation filters for all values of M. Previously, only half-band (M = 2) FRM linear-phase FIR filters have appeared in the literature. The paper includes design techniques suitable for the new filters and design examples illustrating their efficiency.