Two-Body B Meson Decays to $\eta$ and $\eta^{'}$ -- Observation of $B\to \eta${'}K$

Research paper by CLEO Collaboration, B. Behrens et al

Indexed on: 13 Feb '98Published on: 13 Feb '98Published in: High Energy Physics - Experiment


In a sample of 6.6 million produced B mesons we have observed decays B -> eta' K, with branching fractions BR(B+ -> eta' K+ = 6.5 +1.5 -1.4 +- 0.9) x $10^{-5}$ and BR(B0 -> eta' K0 = 4.7 +2.7 -2.0 +- 0.9) x $10^{-5}$. We have searched with comparable sensitivity for 17 related decays to final states containing an eta or eta' meson accompanied by a single particle or low-lying resonance. Our upper limits for these constrain theoretical interpretations of the B -> eta' K signal.