Turbulent Heat Fluxes in the Atmosphere of Venus

Research paper by M. N. Izakov

Indexed on: 01 May '02Published on: 01 May '02Published in: Solar System Research


A thermal regime of the troposphere of Venus is mainly determined by the greenhouse effect. A closeness of the real temperature gradient to the adiabatic one indicates that turbulent heat fluxes are also essential. Additional problems arise as only about 11% of the solar radiation absorbed by the planet reaches the surface, and most of it is taken up in the clouds at altitudes of 60–70 km. The present study summarizes experimental data on atmospheric parameters related to turbulence and estimates turbulent fluxes and turbulence characteristics. These data confirm the author's hypothesis of an anomalous downward turbulent heat flux in the free atmosphere. A normal upward turbulent heat flux exists in the planetary boundary layer.