Turbo processing in transmit antenna diversity systems

Research paper by Gerhard Bauch, Joachim Hagenauer, Nambi Seshadri

Indexed on: 01 Jul '01Published on: 01 Jul '01Published in: Annals of Telecommunications


We consider turbo-trellis-coded transmission over fading multiple-input-multiple-output (M1M0) channels with transmit diversity using space-time block codes. We give a new view on space-time block codes as a transformation of the fading MIMO channel towards a Gaussian single-input-single-output (siso) channel and provide analytical results on the BER of space-time block codes. Furthermore, we describe the concatenation of Turbo-TCM with a space-time block code and show that in addition to the transmit diversity substantial benefits can be obtained by turbo iterations as long as the channel is time-varying during transmission of a coded block or frequency hopping is applied. Finally, a double iterative scheme for turbo equalization and turbo decoding of the concatenation of Turbo-TCM and space-time block code in frequency-selective MIMO channels is described.