Tuning the hybridization of plasmonic and coupled dielectric nanowire modes for high-performance optical waveguiding at sub-diffraction-limited scale.

Research paper by Yusheng Y Bian, Qihuang Q Gong

Indexed on: 21 Oct '14Published on: 21 Oct '14Published in: Scientific Reports


We report the realization of low-loss optical waveguiding at telecommunication wavelength by exploiting the hybridization of photonic modes guided by coupled all-dielectric nanowires and plasmon waves at planar metal-dielectric interfaces. The characteristics of the hybrid plasmon polaritons, which are yielded by the coupling between two types of guided modes, can be readily tuned through engineering key structural parameters of the coupled nanowires and their distances to the metallic surfaces. In addition to exhibiting significantly lower attenuations for similar degrees of confinement as compared to the conventional hybrid waves in single-dielectric-nanowire-based waveguides, these hybridized plasmonic modes are also capable of enabling reduced waveguide crosstalk for comparable propagation distances. Being compatible with semiconductor fabrication techniques, the proposed guiding schemes could be promising candidates for various integrated photonic devices and may lead to potential applications in a wide variety of related areas.