Tuning equilibration of quantum Hall edge states in graphene – role of crossed electric and magnetic fields

Research paper by Sudipta Dubey, Mandar M. Deshmukh

Indexed on: 06 Apr '16Published on: 05 Apr '16Published in: Solid State Communications


We probe quantum Hall effect in a tunable 1-D lateral superlattice (SL) in graphene created using electrostatic gates. Lack of equilibration is observed along edge states formed by electrostatic gates inside the superlattice. We create strong local electric field at the interface of regions of different charge densities. Crossed electric and magnetic fields modify the wavefunction of the Landau Levels (LLs) - a phenomenon unique to graphene. In the region of copropagating electrons and holes at the interface, the electric field is high enough to modify the Landau levels resulting in increased scattering that tunes equilibration of edge states and this results in large longitudinal resistance.

Figure 10.1016/j.ssc.2016.03.024.0.jpg
Figure 10.1016/j.ssc.2016.03.024.1.jpg
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