Tunable magnetic metamaterial based multi-split-ring resonator (MSRR) using MEMS switch components

Research paper by Xunjun He, Zhiqiu Lv, Bo Liu, Zhihong Li

Indexed on: 23 Jun '11Published on: 23 Jun '11Published in: Microsystem Technologies


The split-ring resonator (SRR) arrays are commonly used to form a negative refractive index metamaterial that exhibits an effective negative permeability. However, the region of negative permeability obtained by SRR unit cell is generally limited to a narrow bandwidth at a fixed frequency. In this paper, we present a tunable metamaterial based on multi-split-ring resonators (MSRR) with MEMS switch components to realize controllable magnetic resonant frequency. Numerical simulations are performed to validate the proposed theory and tunability. The simulated results show that the MSRR structure metamaterial can realize digital tuning mode and continuous tuning mode by controlling state and height of MEMS switch components, respectively. Moreover, the simulated results are consistent with the theoretical results, which verify that the proposed theory is effective in prediction and analysis of magnetic resonant frequency. Therefore, such a tunable metamaterial can be reconfigured into a variety of states for use in different applications.