Tunable coupling between a superconducting resonator and an artificial atom

Research paper by Qi-Kai He, D. L. Zhou

Indexed on: 28 May '18Published on: 28 May '18Published in: arXiv - Quantum Physics


Coherent manipulation of a quantum system is one of the main themes in current physics researches. In this work, we design a circuit QED system with a tunable coupling between an artificial atom and a superconducting resonator while keeping the cavity frequency and the atomic frequency invariant. By controlling the time dependence of the external magnetic flux, we show that it is possible to tune the interaction from the extremely weak coupling regime to the ultrastrong coupling one. Using the quantum perturbation theory, we obtain the coupling strength as a function of the external magnetic flux. In order to show its reliability in the fields of quantum simulation and quantum computing, we study its sensitivity to noises.